To ensure that our products can meet the needs of each customer. Please read the following. If you are not satisfied with the goods purchased for some reason, we will be willing to return or replace the products or refund for you.
Please contact our customer support by email or online chat during working hours. Our customer service will reply to your questions in time by 7x24. Our team will provide you with instruments according to your specific requirements.
Please inform us of your refund or refund or exchange request within 7 days after receipt of the goods.
All goods (including all parts and accessories) must be sent back to us by express delivery.
If you want to exchange, you must bear the cost of our re-delivery.
No handling fee is required for return at any time.
Payment method refund: Bitcoin.
We are committed to satisfying our customers. If the products you buy do not meet your requirements, we recommend that you contact us.
Matters needing attention:
1. The customer needs to return the product to the specified address. We will provide you with return information by email. Upon receipt of the return, we will arrange for a full refund.
2. Return orders require the order number to be written outside the package. Is this page useful? If not, please contact us.