1. What is the difference between authorized brand and unauthorized brand?
Unauthorized products may come from the same factory as well-known brands, sometimes with more inventory than orders, so the remaining inventory is purchased by our company. However, it cannot be sold under a well-known brand. In addition, factories can produce models with the same quality as well-known brands, but not 100% of the same brand name in every detail. These can be purchased by companies like ours. Either way, there are usually only a few hundred of these items available for sale by wholesalers.
2. Why is the price so cheap?
We get products directly from factories, because they are not authentic, so they are not authorized to sell by big brands. Our price reflects the actual cost of shoemaking before big brands increase huge profits.
3. What's the difference between UA and UA II?
We have upgraded all the details of our detailed description of your tuber, because there is a difference between our original UA model and the real UA model. Our UA II is an upgraded version. They look and feel the same as the real model. Every detail is perfect, and no one can tell whether they are real or not.
4. What is UA? What is "representative"? What's the difference between UA and Reps?
"UA" means unauthorized, and "Reps" means a copy. In the UA version, shoes are almost identical to real shoes, including the same material and most of the same details. Reps versions are usually the same as real versions, but are made from cheaper materials.
5. How about product guarantee? I can return my shoes if I think we don't'Look like quality or color?
If you are not satisfied with the goods received, we will accept the following reasons for return.
1. The wrong item has been sent to you.
2. The project has quality problems.

If you want to return the goods, you must return them within 3 days after receipt, and the conditions are the same. You need to contact us before returning any items. Any returned items that we have not received a return notice will be rejected. It is the buyer's responsibility to transport and handle the returned goods.
6. Are the shoe photos real?
Yes, all the pictures are real. They were taken by us. The lighting we use to shoot the product and the color on the screen may make the color on the device slightly different from the actual product. However, our color matches the authentic products. Although the shoes on our website are not authorized brands, the products are almost the same as the official brands and of good quality.
7. Where do you start?
Our shoes were shipped from Hong Kong, USA. Our products are manufactured by Chinese manufacturers specializing in the production of high-quality shoes.
8. Can you ship it to my country? How long does the freight take?
We use DHL Express and EMS to deliver goods globally. Freight for each order is $20. You can save freight by ordering several pairs at a time.
The order will be delivered from our warehouse center within 3 to 7 working days from the date of receipt and clearance of the order (complete verification). After the shoes are shipped, you will receive a tracking number to check the progress of your order.
9. Do I have to pay for the freight? Who pays taxes?
Yes, you need to pay for the freight. Logistics companies charge $20 per order.
We will write invoices at reduced prices to help you reduce taxes, for example. $25 or $20 per pair.
10. Because the shoes are fake, I am worried about customs clearance.
As can be seen from the comments we have received, we have sold many shoes worldwide. If your shoes are in customs custody, please don't worry. We will try our best to ensure that you receive them. If there is any problem, we will refund the purchase price to you.
11. Can you send me more photos about shoes?
Can you tell me which style you like? You can visit our website for details at www.pk-shop.vip, because all our product photos were taken by ourselves, so they are real.
12. How do I know what size to choose?
All of our shoes are in real size, the same as what is shown on our official website. If you are still uncertain about your size after checking the website, you can try them out in the actual store and then choose the most suitable one from our website.
Yeezys: For Yeezys, we suggest you increase it by half. What size do you usually wear? Contact us to find out which way is best for you.
13. Is there any technology promotion?
The reinforcing technology in our shoes is the same as the real one and is made of the same material. Our shoes come from the same factory as the famous original brand.
The shoes on our website are not licensed brands, but they are almost the same as the official brands and of good quality. Since they are not official brands, we can sell them at very competitive prices. Our customers are the winners of quality and current design products at affordable prices.
14. How do I pay for the purchase?
15. Can I pay in cash?
Sorry, we don't make cash on delivery. It has too many problems. We only accept online payment.
16. What is the purchase process?
1. Visit this website www.pk-shop.vip
2. Choose shoes and sizes to buy
3. Put your shoes in the shopping cart
4. Fill in the required information and check out.

Then you will receive the confirmation email we sent to inform you that we have received the order. When an order is shipped, the delivery notification will be sent by e-mail to the same e-mail address you use in the order. This email will contain instructions on how to track orders. Note: If you don't get shipping information from the operator's website in one day, it may take a working day to publish your information to the operator's website for tracking. Check it the next day and it should be there.
17. Are you legal? Can I trust you to shop on the website?
We are a highly respected company with customers all over the world. From our many comments, we can see that our customers are satisfied with our products. Our goal is to provide customers with high quality products and reliable delivery services at reasonable prices. If there are any problems, we will try our best to solve these problems and satisfy our customers.
Once you place an order on our website, you will receive a notification from the website informing you of the status of the order. When arranging delivery, we will update the tracking number, and then you can check the delivery status on the official website of DHL Express. This is a good system from beginning to end.
18. Bitcoin is the latest digital payment currency in the world. It's safe, fast and reassuring. Bitcoin doesn't know how to buy and use online customers of contact websites.